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We bring to your garden 20 years experience of the tree and landscaping industries.

About Us

Aardvark Woodland Services Ltd are a professional tree care company. We offer a full range of tree services and garden maintenance. We bring to your garden 20 years experience of the tree and landscaping industries. Some of our past clients would be from large companies to a wide range of commercial and domestic clients:

  1. Coillte
  2. O.P.W
  3. E.S.B
  4. City Council
  5. Some of Corks leading Tree & Landscaping companies
  6. A wide range of domestic & commercial clients

Aardvark Woodland Services Limited are a registered company.

Health and safety compliant.


Public liability/€13.000.000

Employers liability/€6.000.000

  • N.P.T.C
  • I.S.A

Tree Services

Services we provide:

Crown Reduction

This is the reduction of both the trees height and spread while maintaining the trees natural shape as far as possible. The amount the tree is to be reduced is given as a percentage of the trees original crown. Crown reduction can be used to increase wind resistance and decrease the uptake of water.

Crown Lifting

The removal of selective branches low in the trees canopy causing an obstruction. The removal of selective branches allowing light penetration, pedestrian and vehicle access.

Crown Thinning

Selective branches are removed from the crown allowing light and wind to travel thru the trees crown while maintaining the trees shape.


Is the practice where a tree is maintained at a specific height. Traditionally trees have been maintained at a height of 20-30ft. A large mature tree can be kept small when pollarded. Using this method a trees uptake of water can be reduced.


The removal of deadwood/branches within the trees canopy. Deadwood/branches can be a hazard as it is likely to fall from trees.

Hedge maintenance

The reduction of height, width and shaping/formal pruning of all hedgerows.

Felling/Stump Removal

This is the complete removal of trees/hedges including the stumps using specialized machinery.

Planting services

We also offer a planting/replacement service of all trees, hedges and shrubs from one litre pots to mature trees.

Wood chipping

We have a range of woodchippers available to suit your requirements.


We have a range of log splitters/processors available.


We also offer a road & footpath clearance in compliance with Road Traffic Act (2009)

Landscaping Services

We offer a full range of landscaping services.

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